HW-430 Waterless Offset Printer

Since summer 2004 also available in Europe, first units have been installed. We do recommend this great equipement for small and mid-size runs. It is also an ideal add on to existing faster and more expensive offset equipments, as LAMIN prints as good as its european competitiors but it is easier and faster to set up and get good results. Come to your showroom in Switzerland for a personal demonstration or do ask for our comparison services (ADIVAN’s printing comparison procedure for transparency in quality). Here our technical details.

  • Wet–on–Wet printing
  • 4 colors waterless offset printing unit with 2 colors screen printing stations
  • 3 UV curing systems
  • Automatic special handling system for loading and unloading
  • Hightest precision system for safe position of CD/DVD
  • Fast waterless plate changing within 30 seconds
  • Troughput: 3600 discs per hour
  • Small dimension 3,470L x 1,550W x 2,400H mm
  • Print check, ID code check, 8cm and CD card (option)
  • High feeding system, loading 1,600pcs, unloading 1,600 pcs
  • PLC curing system: Japan Mitsubishi
  • PS Plate: 690L x 204W x 0.24T mm, Toray (Japan)
  • Frame Dimension: 318 x 278mm (or customer demand)
  • Electricity: 220V, 60Hz, 3 Phase “ Ground (or customer demand)
  • Compressed Air: 20 m3/Hr. 0.49 Mpa
  • Net Weight: 5,600 kg


Lamin is the only printer to have a single all-in one design. This superior printer structure is responsible for the supreme stability and rigidity of construction. This is
the reason why LAMIN’s offset printer only takes 2 ~ 4 hours for the machine installation. Also this design is able to handle stress much better as there are no weak
points or joints ensuring long life and very high reliability and quality with low maintaineance.
Other Taiwanese manufacturers have changed back to use indexer instead of Servo Motor to drive big turn table. This is frankly a cost cutting measure at an sacrifice of quality. It is very important that in this indexer the customer has to make sure that the indexer pressure needs to be re-adjusted every 8 months. The indexer is much cheaper but not accurate compared to Japanese made Servo Motors. LAMIN’s offset printer use Yokogawa Japan servo motor. The benefit of the servo motors is immediately reflected in the topmost quality of Lamin’s output as it is very precise and also the longetivity of the setting and the machine is ensured by using the high cost but highly precise servo motors. Lamin has the maximum servo motors used in their machines than the other Taiwanese manufacturers. This ensures that the preciseness maintained is maximum. There is the lowest loss of discs due to infact no downtime on account of machine.
The moving plate is specially designed in Germany and the design is also done in a perfect horizontal position to the moving screw. This is unlike the others as this design enables one to having least dispersion of ink and wastage.
In the Lamin Offset the moving drum is made of special grade aluminium. The design of the moving drum ensures that the ink again is used to the maximum optimum with no wastage.


The rubber pad (consumable parts) : The price for LAMIN’s rubber pad is about 30% lower compared to taiw. competitors. LAMIN’s offset printer rubber pad is imported from Germany directly. This quality effort by Lamin helps to make sure the printing quality that is topmost equivalent to the best in the industry.
The average power consumption : LAMIN only use 15KW to drive the machine. This is half as much as most competitors.
There are many small design features that have been incorporated to ensure that LAMIN remains the company who delivers German quality at Taiwanese price. Top Three of Four CD/DVD Manufacturers in Taiwan, as well as over 65% of market shares in Singapore and Korea regions. LAMIN’s products have the highest reputation from it’s valued customers and with 100% customers retention in the regions (100% repeat orders). We think this tells enough about Lamins quality and performance !!!!