ADIVAN Caplight CD-5

An extremly reliable and efficient solution for high quality multicolor printing

ADIVAN understands that compact disc manufacturers need a reliable and efficient solution. Along with delivery of high quality printing decoration, it provides the highest troughputs and yields, is extremly reliable, production worthy and easy to operate and service.

Highlights of our screen printing assembly is simple set-up, quick change over and easy service ability. The squeegee head and the squeegee stroke movement can be variably adjusted to accomodate various artwork decorations.


The handling system contains a spindle infeed / outfeed with a pre-centering and intermediate buffer station to minimize production down times. The robot with vacuum grippers places the CDs accurately on the indexing rotary table of the printing machine.

With the high accuracy and resolution of the label inspection system, top quality multicolor printing of the disc can be achieved. A bar code reading unit can easily be adapted to identify and sort multiple title printing applications.


ADIVAN Caplight CD-5 Broschüre (285 KB)